GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


There was once, on the occasion of World Earth Day (April 22nd, 1990), a TV show called "Mother Earth", when the troubled face of our planet told us how it used to be beautiful with a thick hair-style of fertile forests and a wonderful, refreshing aura of clear atmosphere.

Today the Earth, who is the mother of all living forms here, is gravely ill. We still are able to save her, to be precise we can save the Nature and save the heritage of culture and civilization, save ourselves, who are the Nature's children.

Nature is full of questions and answers, full of wonderful dreams and unusual stories. She can paint, compose music, write poems and verse. She is a sage-philosopher and wise-joker, she is ridiculing our manifold faults without taking sides. She shouts, dances, cries and sings, whatever you like. This depends on your ability to listen and to watch, on your sensivity. There is everything, without exeption, in the Nature.

Nature is innocent and beautiful and, even if man has given her so much torture and pain and he still does, she is not angry with him, because how can one be angry with a person who has such a confused, sick mind, and who is ill?

If you are not able to help the Earth on daily basic, taking a brave stand in her support, maybe you would like to whisper at least some words into her ear, to disclose some secrets or to write an intimate letter? Or maybe you wish to apologize, to promise something? She shall listen to each and and everyone with joy. She is, of course, our loving, wise mother. Trust your imagination and fantasy, let them speak in free manner.

We are awaiting your reply, which we shall try to publish. The letter should be marked with a notion: "I speak to you, Mother Earth".

The World Earth Day is every day!

Jerzy Oszelda
Workshop for All Beings
translation: Magura

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