GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


* In June, the Association "Objector" has prepared a new project of the law relating to CO (Conscience Objectors).

In our project those recruits who wrote an application form have to get an alternative civilian service (elimination of committees which adjudicate a.c.s. and examine recruit's conscience). Also the way of getting an a.c.s. is a civil way, excluding military structures. According to our project every soldier before his military oath can apply for a.c.s. We demand that recruits may fulfill a.c.s. in more spheres of social life than it is now possible: for instance in health protection, environmental protection, in the sphere of culture. A place of performing a.c.s. cannot be distant from the place where recruit lives. The way of performing a.c.s., recruit's rights and duties define the bill, not the military office.

Our project isn't so radical, for example we agree to the a.c.s. being twice as long as military service and that in a situation when the recruit starts his military service and then decides to go for the a.c.s., the time of his military service shouldn't be included in the a.c.s. time. We still want to act according to the law and to believe in the state's interest (most of us inside are more radical). We gave or sent our project to many institutions and are waiting for their answer; we have a possibility of getting get in touch with the Parliament's section dealing with military matters, as we have a deputy for Parliament in Wrocław who is interested in CO's problems (Radosław Gawlik; he was a member of "WiP" - Freedom & Peace when existing). Until now nothing happened.

* We got very good lawyers who found a new way of defense. So, 4 of our members asked the public prosecutor to accuse the decision of the committee to a civil judge, but in two of the cases - MACIEJ FILIPOWIAK, BOGDAN NATORSKI; the public prosecutor answered that military service is a man's holy duty for the state and he cannot see any oversight in the committee's decision. The two have their lawsuits with sentences for 1 year in suspension for 3. Andrzej Sieczak, who resigned appellation to civil judge got the same sentence. Other two persons - WALDEMAR DOBROWOLSKI, ARTUR WO¦ could accuse a committee without public prosecutor's mediation so it's possible that their sentence would be annulled.

There are many recruits in Poland in a similar situation, but we in Wrocław don't even know about all of them in our city. We have a bureau, press, radio and local TV give much information about our activity, so it's possible to find us, but peopleoften choose their own way of fighting; we really don't know why. They often come to us when there's no way to help them. In the whole of Poland the pacifists movement isn't yet coordinated.

* Three members of the GAK - Group Anarchists under Kropotkin Name - got summons to the office to pay a big fine for they haven't appeared at the military registration.

* The only family supporters got a little gift from the Parliament: if they have 3 persons on their livelihood, they cannot be taken to military service. We think, people in Poland got a great motiv to have big families.

* 12.7.91 we organized a little demonstration, in the same way as usual but on many themes: our bill, information about "Objector's" and "GAK's" members fighting with military law and about the situation in Greece. "Objector" joined the campaign for Greece.

Association "Objector" - Wroclaw
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Grupa Anarchistyczna im. Kropotkina
Piotr Żuk

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