GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


"Green Brigades", nowadays, is not the only ecological paper in Poland, which is written also in English. Here, I would like to introduce other bilingual eco-papers.

Probably "Martwa Natura" (Dead Nature) by the Silesian Ecological Movement (Śląski Ruch Ekologiczny) appeared as the first one (No 3 /special/ november 1990). Nasty people said that some texts were first translated from German Greens Program into Polish and then into English... Unfortunately, as I have not heard anything about ŚRE for a long time I am not able to tell the address.

During a certain period "Ecological Alternatives Newsletter" has been published by Foundation for Ecological Alternatives ("Empty Cloud" publications). Only three issues have appeared - (november, december '90 and january '91). They have had 2 pages A4, all in English. The address: Pusty Obłok, Zamek Ujazdowski, Aleje Ujazdowskie 6, 00-461 Warszawa.

Later a bilingual folder of Workshop for All Beings "Center of Ecological Education" was published. It was devoted for the Center of Ecological Education in Wapienica valley near Bielsko-Biała city. It contains some main information about this center - principles, how the Centre was created, location, what the Centre's aims are, how does the Centre realize its aims, membership, how can you help. The whole folder is beautifully illustrated. It has 8 pages A5. The address: Andrzej Janusz Korbel, Modrzewskiego 29/3, 43-300 Bielsko. In beginnings 1992 will be prepared "Report about Forests in Poland" (about 30 pages).

Some earlier publications made by Workshop for All Beings ("Zeszyty Studio for Living Architecture", "Raport", "Zielona Antologia") also have had some English texts about deep ecology. They rather were not original ones but taken from western newspapers.

Another similar folder about another center of ecological education in Bieszczady Mountains was also printed bilingually. It contains: principles "Community of Conservation. Movement for the Earth and Life", the Project of the Station for Ecological Education "The San River Valley": location, targets which the Station intends to reach, carrying out of the project, proposals of the controlled economical activity, assumption. The address: Artur Andrzejewski, Burzyńskiego 8g/10, 80-462 Gdańsk.

Alternative program for this valley is edited in English by Workshop for Rainbow Family. The address: Barbara Tondos, Jagiellońska 48/64, 35-\B 020 Rzeszów.

During the Conference of Safety and Cooperation in Europe (symposium on cultural heritage in Cracow) the fourth issue of the Polish Ecological Club magazine titled "To be or not to be" has appeared. This time everything was in English. It has 32 pages A5 that contains such articles: Will Ecology Unite Nations?, Ecology Unites, Polish Ecological Club, Statement of PKE membership of IUNG, Section of National Parks in the PKE, For Clear Sky over Cracow, To the World Ecological Organizations and Environmental Movements, Children's Art Gallery, PKE organization structure. The translations were done by Roman Tertil(!). The graphic side also is perfect. The address: PKE ZG, Garbarska 9, 31-031 Kraków.

In the same time a bilingual issue of a Monthly for the Protection and Shaping of Human Environment "AURA" appeared (May '91). It has 40 pages A4: many photos, also colour ones, illustrations, maps. More important articles: The city called Cracow, From Bellona to Flora, Cracow's Kazimierz Quarter: the Issues, The Pathology of Urbanization and Ecological Crisis of Cracow, Microorganisms and Degradation of the Historical Objects of Architecture and Art, A New Phase in the Air Quality Monitoring in Cracow and many others. Each issue of "Polish" "AURA" contains short English and Russian summaries of interesting articles. The address: Floriańska 37, 31-019 Kraków, tel. 226376.

In "AURA" May '91 there also is information about the book: "Cracow's ecological disaster" - collection of papers that was published by PKE in 1990. English version is planned for the end of this year. PKE's address as above.

"Economic & Ecological Aspects of Industrial Development in Poland" were published by European Association of Environmental & Resource Economists Polish Division, Rakowicka 27/155, 31-510 Kraków, tel. 210099 ext. 354 or 332, fax 210536, tlx 325414 aek pl.

A document "Environmental Movements & Organizations in Poland" by Tadeusz Burger, Andrzej Delorme, Piotr Gliński, Józefina Hrynkiewicz, Grzegorz Peszko & Anna Wyka is available from: Przemysław Czajkowski, Pięcioli- nii 8/41, 02-784 Warszawa, tel./fax 0-2/6439664.

A special issue of the bulletin "Ecology & Health" (no 5, September 1991, 6 p.) provides the essential information concerning the Foundation "Ecology & Health". The address: the Foundation "Ecology and Health", Aleje Ujazdowskie 13, 00-567 Warszawa, tel. (0-2)694-21-53, fax (0-2)694-16-48, El. mail: ECOHEALTH@MUL1.GEO.NET. Account: PBK VIII Oddz. Warszawa 370028700317-132.3.

The Polish American Indian Friends Movement has introduced itself in a paper available from: Roman Bala, Iwanowice Duże 95, 45-152 Toporów.

In Wrocław one can find the "Newsletter from Wrocław Objectors" (2 pages A4). The address: Association "Objector", P.O.Box 1089 50-951 Wrocław

Even the alternative paper "Brulion" has already been translated and published in English. The price of this English version in Cracow bookshops is 20 000 zł (about 2$). The address: Kraków 61, P.O.Box 325.

Solely in English is a hard core zine: "Chaos Noise", Tomek Kaczmarek, Sitowie 20/10, 91-495 Łódź and "Contact Box" Ryszard Kapusta, P.O.Box 47, 36-100 Kolbuszowa

Anarchists may also publish the whole paper in English but because of financial problems it has not been done yet.

English summaries of some articles can also be found in some fanzines and anarchistic papers:

To complete this introduction I should write about other newspapers, not alternative, that are published in English in Poland:

Andrzej Żwawa

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