GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991


A group of students from Mickiewicz High School in Cracow participates in the European ecological program called "Ozone project - young reporters" concerning the question of the destruction of the Earth's ozone layer and its influence on biological life.

The first stage of their work includes local investigation, that is, for instance, opinion surveys questioning people's ecological consciousness, setting the sources of freon's emission in Poland. Then a representative of the group will have an opportunity to attend the scientific research in the North of our globe. In October 1992 the students will represent Poland during a week's seminar in France, just as about 30 groups of young reporters from all over Europe who will meet there.

The Polish group is interested in the ecological aspects of freons' economy in our country. If you employ yourself in these problems, please send information to the address:

VI Liceum Ogólnokształc±ce
im. Adama Mickiewicza
W±ska 7
31-057 Kraków
tel. 563922
E-Mail: zmglowac@plkrcy11

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