GB No. 5-6, summer-fall 1991

There is the place:


The Court on the Wysoka our Noble Lord's Residence, built of solid stone and brick with lime, with one floor and two chambers, and two cellars under those chambers.

(The register of count Larisch property AD 1793)

"... There will be songs to th'ear's delight
There will be chats throught the dark of night
There will be dances with courteoud bows
There will be gambols fast and slow."

(from Jan Kochanowski's
"Song on St. John's Festival")

When we are seated at our common table spread with modest home - made dishes; when songs and tales from all corners of Europe resound then the treasury of old culture and tradition, where of the Court on the Wysoka is but a part, may truly open to your heart's content.

Ładysław z Goleniowa, Walenty Bokfark, Diomes Cato, Wojciech Długoraj, Jakub Polak, Mikołaj z Krakowa, Wacław z Szamotuł, J.R., Krzysztof Klabon, Hans Neusiedler, Heinrich Issar, Pierre d'Attaingnant, Claudin de Sermisy, Francesco da Milano, Giorgio Mainiero, Luys de Narvaez, Luys Milan, Enrico Walderrabano, Alonso da Mudarra, John Dowland, Robert Dowlnad, Joachimus Jan den Hove.

The Lute Guild has honor to invite you to the Court on the Wysoka. We present shows at any time of day or night for individual guests and groups up to 40 persons. For information and reservation, call us in Kraków tel. 0-12/219729, Wysoka 0-187/75537. Anna Madeyska Pilchowa

voice, recorder, lute, guitar
Antoni Pilch
voice, recorder, lute

* * * * * *

The Lute Guild Ensemble was founded in Cracow in 1988. Its members are students and graduates of the Jagiellonian University, Music Academy, Medical Academy and Higher State Theatrical School. They perform old music from all of Renaissance Europe, songs for several voices (chansons) as well as instrumental works.

They have chosen their repertoire from the tradition of 15th - 17th century games, evenings spent in conversation giving them once again their original character and context.

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