GB No. 8, summer 1992


The Baltic Sea Secretariat in Poland (BSSP) is a co-ordinating office for non-governmental organizations from the Pomeranian region (Polish Ecological Club, Informal Ecological Movement GAJA, Association CLEAN BALTIC, Student Ecological Network and others). BSSP was founded by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation as a part of the Coalition Clean Baltic project.

The main aims of BSSP are: to establish a national as well as international network of contacts (persons, organizations, authorities, scientists etc.); to carry out direct and indirect lobbying work; to gather and distribute (we cooperate with the local mass media) information, facts, reports, data on emissions and effects of pollution; and to establish contacts with existing environmental organizations in Poland and other countries (we would like to create a network of Polish, German and Czechoslovakian organizations from the Odra river basin).

Baltic Sea Secretariat
c/o Tomasz Perkowski
Królewicza 4/ H 26
71-550 Szczecin

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