GB No. 8, summer 1992


Apparently the specific policies of the present government in regard to the national ecology are not being adhered to in the Ministry of Environment itself. Neither are the achievements of the ecological activists in the establishing of the nationwide system of environmental protection held in a particularly high esteem; an opinion clearly reflected in the official assessment - directed to the government by the Polish Botanical Society, following its 19th Congress in Kielce - released on September 2, 1992.

The participants pointed out that the officially approved project of territorial enlargement of the 7 major National Parks (including the Bieszczady Park and the Białowieża Park) has been recently denied its endorsement by the General Management of National Forests, whilst its strong opposition to the establishing of the Mazurian National Park (Lake District in the North-East of Poland) inspired all local communities to protest against any form of environmental protection in the region, altogether.

The botanists are also extremely concerned by the inadequate supervision over the national forestry, the lack of resources designed to combat the effects of natural disasters and a general departure from the principles of the sound and environmentally conscious management of the national forestry in favour of the highly commercialized lumbering, envisaged in the government program for the development of national forestry in 1992-1997.

"Nowa Europa" 10.9.92
transl. by Sigullum Ltd.

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