GB No. 8, summer 1992



The II Vegetarian Congress in Wilkowice near Bielsko-Biała, organized by "GAJA" Club, began by pulling the Vegetarian Flag on. About 100 representatives of vegetarian groups and people acting in defense of animals' rights arrived, what in present situation of the movement was a great success. The meeting was planned for three days (September, 4 - 6) for two groups of participants.

For the first group, consisting of people interested in vegetarianism, we arranged some lectures of vegetarianism history and philosophy, as well as a practical workshop on a vegetarian cuisine.

The second part was prepared for active representatives of Polish movement in defense of animals' rights. At present in our country you can notice attempts of the sympathizers of vegetarianism and animals' rights to become organized formally - they try to work professionally on these problems. The workshop on campaigns conducting was prepared for them. After the theoretical part and the collective training we drew up some actual actions. We settled the further course of anti-furrier's campaign, which will start in late autumn.

The campaign "Circus is fun - but not for animals" arisen a real interest. We divided the works to do among the topical groups (i.e. looking for friendly specialists, working the leaflets and posters out, collecting and translation of different materials) and we determined the date of a big action at Parliament. Tens of organizations working in Poland of this problem united. The campaign will be co-ordinating by "GAJA" Club.

The discussions about forms of popularization of vegetarianism and animals' right took place as well. A theology student in his lecture told us about the possibility of using the Bible to popularize our actions, what seems to be very important in our country.

We invited people from the West too. Unfortunately, the activity of the Polish Post and a lack of telephone and fax made efficient contact and information exchange impossible. For example, the telegram to Vienna (about 200.000 zł) is for majority of us 25% of the money we are given. What can we do in such conditions?

That's why the more cordially we thank Dolores Ozimic from Pythagoras for her coming to Wilkowice.

And finally, we have great pleasure in inviting you to the III Vegetarian Congress, which we want to organize in the end of June, 1993.

Wojtek Owczarz

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