GB No. 9, autumn 1992


The successive episode of "ALF" broadcast on TV on November 9, 1992, tells us how the eponymous Alf, hitherto a great connoiseur of cat's meat, has lost his taste for it once and for all.

By the very end of the said episode Alf simply confessed that he had never really seen a live cat before, and now that he got well acquainted with one, he just couldn't possibly have it for a meal anymore. Meanwhile, he has even become a cat lover himself. Transposing B. Shaw's way of putting it, a cat has become his friend, and one is not supposed to eat up one's friends.

There would have been nothing particularly unusual about the whole thing if not for the fact, that Polish TV had cut the "confession" bit out of the Polish language version of the episode. (At 3.p.m. "ALF" is normally broadcast in its original version).

Whatever prompted them to do just that, still begs a proper explanation.

Piotr Rymarowicz
ZB 12/92
transl. by Sigillum Ltd.

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