GB No. 9, autumn 1992


Dear Sir/Madam,

"GAIA" Club was established in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, in 1987. Our roots are in deep ecology. We are involved in many diverse projects and activities: hold yoga and meditation classes twice a week, Councils of All Beings seminars, special outdoor theatrical workshops, set out to organize non-violent actions for animal rights, publish materials on animals, ecology and green issues. We are also involved in planning the big ecological events like Earth Day and hold regular exhibitions on various ecology-related matters, like the "WHY? The place of animals in our culture" series. We endeavour to enlist the participation of high-school students in the green issues, by way of inviting them to various film shows, workshops and many other activities designed to develop their eco-awareness.

We are really anxious to publize the concept of animal rights. We are strongly opposed to the idea of making animals suffer only to satisfy the excessive and often unreasonable human desires. We fing it tottaly inadmissible that animals should sustain so much unnecessary suffering in experimental research labs, slaughter-houses, farms, etc.


"WHY?" is the title of a specific exhibition designed to show animals and their impact on our culture. A great many posters and photos vividly illustrated the diversity of animal suffering in the modern world. Dramatic images from the research labs and slaughter-houses were meant to stir the consciences and ram the powerful message home. The exhibition had been presented to a great public acclaim all over the country, i.e. Bielsko-Biała, Włocławek, Katowice, Zgorzelec, Bydgoszcz, Toruń and many other towns.

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