Grasshopper no 2, Spring '94


Various initiatives are arising in the Carpathian Euroregion to spread the idea of cooperation. However, in Slovakia, Hungary, and Ukraine a lot of surprise is generated by the English slogan

"Carpathian Co-operate"

over the offices of these initiatives. Why not Slovakian? Why not Hungarian? Why not Ukrainian? In response, cooperation regarding the political, environmental, and economic situation in the region has been started by people who want to use the international language Esperanto.

This initiative covers Morawy in the Czech Republic, the southeastern part of Poland, the western part of Ukraine, northern and eastern Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. On the initiative of Slovakians and Hungarians, a preparatory committee is being organized to form a Carpathian Esperanto League. Lately, Poland - represented by the chief of the Polish delegation of the Transnational Movement TUTMONDE (part of an international movement which uses mainly Esperanto) - has also joined this initiative. Soon, esperantists from Ukraine and Romania will choose representatives to the league. At this time a meeting of the preparatory committee will be organized. Cooperation will cover the areas of culture, tourism, trade, and information exchange among NGOs.

Similar activities will be held in the Baltic countries and between the East and the West (the Polish-German "curtain").

Marek Warmuz
Komandosów 7/83
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