Grasshopper no 2, Spring '94


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The idea for an informal group called "Clean Bug" was formed in the summer of this year in Nowowolynsk, Ukraine. The choice of town was not accidental, with the drainage basin of the Bug lying in three countries - Poland, Ukraine and Belorussia. Amongst several large sources of pollution in the Baltic, two are found along the Bug. The sources have been identified as being urban agglomarations such as Lwow in Ukraine and Brześć in Belorussia. The state of pollution of the Bug, contributes markedly affect the coal mining operations in the Lwiw - Nowowolyńsk region.

The road from a conceptual realization to implementation has been a long one, and the same can be said in the case of "Clean Bug". Only in October, at the beginning of the academic year, was it possible to assemble a group of interested parties. We don't want to lead people on that we formed a pressure group that tries to implement important actions. Published by us is an Information Bulletin, which constitutes an offer to work together with us.

The informal group "Clean Bug" will;

The group will be incorporated into the Baltic Sea Youth Network.

Persons interested in joining our group will be sent a declaration, which will not affect your statutory rights, and can be obtained from the following address:

"Czysty Bug", Damian Panasiuk
DS "Babilon", ul. Kopińska 12/16 pok. 257 B, Warszawa
tel. 48-22- 220271-3 w. 165

(on the basis of the Information Newsletter of the "Clean Bug" group)

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