Grasshopper no 2, Spring '94


UNICORN was established in 1992, and it has 17 members in one group in Kiev. The main aim of the organization is to provide NGOs, experts, and journalists in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union with books, newsletters, and briefing papers on topics related to renewable energy, nuclear energy, etc. Special attention is paid to the environmental education of schoolchildren and to organizing conferences, seminars, and trainings.

The main activities are:

Unicorn publishes the authorized Ukrainian version of the newsletter WISE (World Information Service on Energy, published originally in the Netherlands), which is very helpful for Ukrainian anti-nuclear groups and the antinuclear movement. The paper is distributed free of charge to NGOs and to the mass-media. In October 1993 the E-mail version of WISE-Ukraine was started.

The organization is a member of the EcoMissia NGO network. It takes part in all projects of the Ukrainian environmental NGO E-mail network, an independent information agency for environment and development. The project is financed by ISAR/USA.

In the future Unicorn forsees establishing an environmental information agency on the existing base of UNICORN/WISE Ukraine. It is looking for cooperation with other NGOs on info-exchange, anti-nuclear campaigns, and trainings. Besides Ukrainian they can understand English, Russian, Polish.

P.O. Box 429
254 060 Kiev - 60 Ukraine
tel. +7-044-4423171
fax: 7-044-4403017


It is already possible to contact some Ukrainian NGOs by E-mail. Below we publish some addresses received from Unicorn (also by E-mail).


Information on UNICORN comes partly from the newsletter of the Environmental and East European Environmental NGOs Network "Greenway" (P.O. Box 163, 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia, tel./fax: +42-7-827213).

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