Grasshopper no 6, Spring '95


The sphere of the eco-educational association "The Carpathian school" has become wider since the reorganization in January, 1995. New directions and tendencies appeared in addition to the traditional ones, such as organization of expeditions, meetings, conferences and work with students. First of all it can be connected with the new-comers to the Carpathian School, their fresh ideas and abilities to realize them. There are several branches of the Carpathian School but in this article I would like to give more detailed information about one of them.

It is an eco-educational association children "The Rain Formula" organized in the Lviv secondary school no 53. Its active members are the children of the 6th forms (12-13 years old) and young teachers, who are united by ideas of nature protection and a great desire to spread these ideas among the wide spheres of publicity in acceptable and interesting forms. It is unusual and important that teachers of different subjects (biology, geography, Ukrainian and English language, drawing, music) united their efforts for widening children's development. We aspire to deal with the ecological education of children in a holistic manner, leaning on the enormous creative potential of the children. The members of the association prepared an eco-educational measure "The Trip to the Kingdom of Flora" for pupils of the junior forms. They also actively participate in the all-Ukrainian contest "The Pure Streams". This contest is organized by the Ukrainian non-government ecological organizations in three directions: posters, photos, literary compositions.

The "Carpathian school" and "The Black Pigeon" conduct the regional contest "The Pure Streams". More than 100 posters, 50 literary works and photos have been sent already till today. The participants will be awarded and the best works will be published. The results of the contest will show us the perspective of conducting contests on ecological theme for eco-education in Ukraine. We shall be glad for opening the possibilities of the mutual exchange experience with our foreign colleagues.

Svitlana Volos
the head assistant of "The Carpathian School"
translated by Larysa Pavelko

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