Wydawnictwo Zielone Brygady - dobre z natury


Let me request you for financial support of the Polish ecological monthly "Zielone Brygady" , Slawkowska street 12/24, 31-014 Krakow, Poland. I do it for many different reasons, as expressed below.

"Zielone Brygady" is very unique paper of its kind in Poland, working both as an information channel and dialogue round table for diverse concepts and people appearing within as well as without NGOs respectively. Concluding- the paper may be called a permanently working school of democracy for the young generation of Poland.

Because the topics discussed by the authors and readers overcrosses the frame of primary ecological area, the real program of the paper must be defined in fact as: (1) recovering destroyed by humans equilibrium of natural environment, (2) striving against inequilibrium relationship between humanity and environment, (3) working for the interhuman new equilibrium relationship, morality and politics. Therefore above program fulfills the scope of interest of all ecological and humanitarian associations in Poland. The daily of former "Solidarity" movement GAZETA WYBORCZA of 22 April 1998 ( Wojciech Staszewski, Zwierzeta nie glosuja) calls "Zielone Brygady" "the banner-paper of ecologists".

"Zielone Brygady" paper is mostly delivered free, because majority of young people of readers are usually short in money. About of 300 authors, merely total elite of present world-minded Polish intellectuals present their ideas free, as the volunteer-writers. The paper is a school of writing for the youngest generation, our hope for future. Additionally, the paper publishes the books from ecological or citizenship rights topics, wanted but not delivered by the commercial publishers, as well as organizes and supports ecological & humanitarian campaigns.

Further going, "Zielone Brygady" is a paper, which cannot be overestimated as a transmitter of ideas of the modern multidisciplinary Western theories looking for an integrate formula of matter, life and mind. Such a works of eminent world-scientists as for example: Ilya Prigogine, David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Erich Jantsch or Ervin Laszlo are merely unknown in our post-Communist universities, neither in original nor in translation. There is no way to get above ecological top-science in original shape to the broad opinion, it needs popularization and "Zielone Brygady" is only one transmitter of above ideas, as presented in more popular form.

Jan M. Szymanski Ph.D. president of the Foundation