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Wysoka Mansion, in southern Poland, is a place where the rich, old-Polish traditions are alive today. This special place is open to guests, primarily through music, song and the lute (which goes back to Renaissance times throughout Europe). To arrange traditional Polish evenings, concerts, workshops, meetings and longer visits please contact:

Anna and Antoni Pilch
Dwór na Wysokiej
34-785 Jordanów, Poland
tel. 48/187/75537

Also in Jordanów is an Agnihotra Healing Farm operated by Jarek and Fran Bizberg. Here, the ancient art of Agnihotra is practiced - the healing fires of which purify the atmosphere, resulting in energy and a sense of peace. The vision is to develop the farm into a center where people can come for healing and participate in training courses in yoga, Mandala drawing, vegetarian diet, ecological farming, gardening, etc. For more information contact:

Jarek and Fran Bizberg,
Nad Lasem/ Wysoka 151
34-785 Jordanów, Poland
tel. 48/12/421-99-68 (Wednesday and Thursdays best).


In the picturesque Mazowsze region of Poland lies the Village of Ponurzyca, where one can find the Commune Otwock House. The Commune Otwock is an anarchist group of local friends who engage in many activities like concerts and theater, who believe in independence and the ability to make one's own decisions and are interested in positive thinking and preserving the environment. You will find here accommodations, a hot meal, information about interesting places, and time for walking and thinking. For more information contact:

Grzegorz Laszuk
Andersa 3/48
Otwock-Ługi, Poland
tel. 48/22/628-12-71 ext. 115 (work), 780-76-01 (home)

Alina Gałązka
Wejherowska 3/11
Warszawa, Poland
tel. 48/22/679-89-89


The Ecological Foundation "Silesia" has been active in efforts to reconstruct this polluted region of Poland for over five years. Their main efforts have been publishing books and producing films connected with various aspects of environmental protection. The Foundation runs a Regional Ecological Education Centre, which helps coordinate and inspire the efforts of 26 institutions, organizations and enterprises that deal with improving the environment. They have also been responsible for arranging the "Plant your own Tree" and "Catalyst" actions. The Ecological Foundation "Silesia" can be contacted at:

Fundacja Ekologiczna "Silesia"
ul. Powstańców 41
40-950 Katowice, Poland
tel. 48/32/155-13-72, 155-30-65
NIP 634-019-68-73

KLUB "GAJA" Bielsko-Biała has a book available titled, "The Way of Gaia's Warrior". This book is full of excellent, short articles about Klub Gaja: its philosophies, its history and its present projects in Poland. The way of the warrior is presented simply and the information given here is complete. The book is published by Klub Gaja, who can be contacted at:

SEK Klub "Gaja"
P.O. Box 261
43-301 Bielsko-Biała
tel./fax 48/30/236-94


The NGO "Workshop for All Beings", whose main activities center around helping people connect with nature, have a bulletin available in English titled "Rocinate, The Bulletin of Ecological Culture". The bulletin reports on current activities and projects associated with "Workshop for All Beings" throughout Poland. For more information write to:

Workshop for All Beings, Nowy Sącz Chapter
ul. Piastowska 5
33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland
tel. 48/18/42-28-16
fax 48/18/41-24-58


is the bulletin published by The Polish Society for Nature Protection. This English version contains current reports about the Society's projects, but is meant for all nature lovers. "Salamandra" can be contacted at:

PTOP "Salamandra"
Ratajczaka 19/60
Poznań, Poland


Those interested in information on anarchist happenings around Poland can find it here. Printed three times a year, and covering different topics from ALF/ELF actions and anti-fascist information to the punk scene, the publication can be contacted at

"Polish Anarchist Update"
P.O. Box 21
15-662 Białystok 26


The pages on the polish Anarchist Federation are finally available at:

General information about what we're doing (about demos, our ABC, etc.) I will extend the section on squats when I collect some more detailed informaton from the people who live there. However, current information will be posted to ALTER-EE.

In solidarity,

Żaczek (
Anarchist Federation, A.B.C. - Warsaw
Initiative for the Boycott of Chinese Products
"Podaj Dalej" anarchist zine
P.O. Box 71, 01-125, Warszawa 102, Poland

see Letter From Anarchists, GB 19 p. 24


with any secondary schools connected in the Leonardo Da Vinci project. We're interested in wide-spread cooperration in this project. Contact us as soon as possible at the following address:

Kazimierz Mikulski
Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych
ul. Karłowicza 20
85-092 Bydgoszcz, Poland


During my search for literature on present polish energy supply and consumption, I had problems finding information about "alternative" energy resources such as solar- or hydro- power and biomass.

The only book I found, containing information about actual use and estimates about future potential of these energy sources in Poland, was Maciej Nowicki's "Environment in Poland", a translation of the "Strategia ekorozwoju Polski". As I feel uncomfortable with the idea of relying on only one author, I hope some of you can answer me the following questions:

How accurate and realistic are, in your opinion, the figures & estimates Nowicki gives in his book?

Do you know other publications where I could find recent information on alternative energy in Poland, (actual data on more general energy issues in Poland, would also be helpful for me! ).

Thank you very much in advance,

PS. I will send these questions to other lists as well - sorry if you should get it several times.

Jochen Hauff
Local Address: 5224, 19th Ave N. E. Seattle WA, 98105 USA
Phone: (206)527-9686
Permanent Address: Hauptstr. 30 71126 Gaeufelden, Germany
Phone: (07032)-73002

source: GREENSEE@PLEARN.EDU.PL Fri, 17 Nov 1995


Reconstruction of the largest radio tower in Europe has been indefinitely halted by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court in Łódź, Polish dailies reported on 12 October. Polish Telecom (the tower's owner) claims that if the tower is not rebuilt, Polish programming may no longer be transmitted to Poles living in the former Soviet Union. Polish environmentalists and local residents claimed the 646-meter-high structure posed health risks.

Environmentalists were less pleased by a decision to more than double the number of wolves targeted during the November-February hunting season, from last year's 30 to 72, Reuters reported on 13 October. Poland's 208 wolves are blamed for killing 500 deer, 80 wild boars, and 230 sheep in mountainous southeastern Poland.

French film star Brigitte Bardot last year called on then President Lech Wałęsa to ban the "massacre" of Poland's wolves.

Ben Slay
OMRI Daily Digest No. 200, Part II 15 October 1996


Dear friends,

It is with the deepest sorrow that I have to communicate that the Head of Krosno Province set the number of wolves that can be killed in the next hunting season (1. 11. 96-28. 02. 97) in the Bieszczady Mountains for 72 individuals. Only about 100 wolves live there, not more than 200 as huntsmen claim. So please send letters, faxes, petitions to the Head of Krosno Province:

Wojewoda Krośnieński
ul. Bieszczadzka 1
Krosno, Poland
fax 48/131/21335

or let me know and I will send all your protests directly to him.

Thank you very much for all your efforts!


Last year the Head set this limit to 92 wolves and after protests of ecological organizations this number was decreased to 32. I hope that this year we also will be able to help wolves! For the wolves,

Krzysztof A. Wychowałek - "Xpert"
Ośrodek Działań Ekologicznych "Źródła"
Piotrkowska 67, 90-422 Łódź, Poland
tel. 48/42/328590, fax 301749


Oct. 23rd, 1996

Dear Friends,

Last Friday my organization had a big action about wolves and we collected almost 2000 signatures under the letter to the Head of Krośnieńskie province asking him to reduce the number of wolves that can be killed in this hunting season. Thanks to numerous protests from all over the world (thank YOU! ) the Head of Krośnieńskie province decided yesterday to reduce this limit from 72 wolves to 43. But, in fact, only about 100 wolves live there, in the Bieszczady Mountains. So we think that 43 is still to many. We continue our protest. If you haven't send a fax or letter to the Head of Krośnieńskie province, please do it now and tell him that you appreciate his effort, but 43 is still too many! Last year the Head first thought about 150 wolves, then he reduced this limit to 92 and after numerous protests, the limit was set to 30 wolves. I hope we succeed this year also! Please keep sending protests to:

Wojewoda Krośnieński
ul. Bieszczadzka 1
Krosno, Poland
fax 48/131/21335

Thank you in the name of wolves!

Krzysztof A. Wychowałek - "Xpert"
"Headline News" edited by Kevin Tippets


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