GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


Founded in 1905, at the oldest Polish high school (earlier also the best and richest) Chemist's Scientific Club (Naukowe Koło Chemików - NKCh) has started its activity connected with environmental protection, meanly based on analytical experiments with water, snow, air, and on collection documentation of degradation degree on the South of Poland.

13.12.1981, NKCh, like a many others student's organizations, had been too dangerous for the regime and was abolished. In spring 1985 the club began new period of activity. Its members are taking an active part in symposiums, lectures, summer schools, courses and other different, legal and illegal, ecological actions in Poland and abroad.

From the beginning of 1986 NKCh yearly organizes holiday study camps (Zakopane'86, Kraków-Zakopane'87, Karpacz'88, Szczawa'89) with east and west spectators. In time of camps they measure concentration of SO2, NOż in atmosphere, propagate ecological style of living, environmental friendly development and generally ecological education.

NKCh (spring 1987) was inventing, organizing and coordinating national-wide scientific research action "Stu- dents for the Vistula river". Action has been leaded together with similar (like NKCh) students organizations of high school, situated near Vistula (unpublished report).

Between 17th and 22nd of April 1988 in Cracow, NKCh got through the international seminar "Students for Environment"; seminar has big local and international sound. This year also, members of NKCh are taking part in campaign "Toad on the Road" (see Puky Miklos article in GB no 1).

During the holidays in 1989, besides usual activity like camp, Club together with "Freedom & Peace" Movement (Cracovian group) organize ecological campaign against building of water dam across Dunajec river (see articles in this and previous issues).

From spring 1989 NKCh started publishing "Green Brigades" (in Polish and English version) and appointed, in consultation with scientific student clubs (participants of Seminar) and members and participants of other organizations and movements (Green Federation, Polish Green Party, "Freedom & Peace" Movement, "I prefer to be" Movement, Workshop for All Beings) the Environmental Contacts Office (ECO). Activity of the Office planned be realized by:

The Office practically, on the reason of a difficult material and legal situation, is editing GB only. Until this time has been published 18 editions in Polish (monthly, with the possibility of bi-weekly) in 1000-2000 copies, and 3 in English (theoretically quarterly) in about 1000 copies each.

There is a tight cooperation between NKCh and GB, the Editorial Office of GB is situated in the room of NKCh (no. 100) in the Faculty of Chemistry building.

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